Why Is There Ringing In My Ear?

why is there ringing in my earAnswering the question “why is there ringing in my ear?” can be a complicated process. About 1 in 5 Americans suffer from tinnitus. Tinnitus is generally described as a persistent ringing, humming, clicking, roaring, whooshing, buzzing, etc, in one or both ears and for some of these sufferers, the condition can have a profound effect on the way they live, sleep and work. While there is no known cure for tinnitus, there are various remedies that can offer some relief for those who do suffer from this condition.

Why are my ears ringing?

We have all felt some form of tinnitus in our lives. Experiencing brief, spontaneous sounds in your ears can last for just seconds to several minutes. Many people only deal with temporary tinnitus which can occur after exposure to a noisy environment for a prolonged period and can last for a few minutes to a few hours.

Rock singers, construction workers or those who attend rock concerts increase their chance of developing tinnitus and while it can be temporary, it can also be permanent when certain hairs in the ears that enable proper hearing are damaged by the loud noises. Even a simple fireworks show can cause temporary or permanent tinnitus.

For people who suffer from chronic or severe tinnitus, the ringing or other sounds produced occur frequently and can vary in pitch from low to very loud. Chronic tinnitus is defined as occurring for at least 3 months and generally occurs in about 5 to 10 percent of the general U.S. population, with less than 1 percent experiencing severe tinnitus. Tinnitus can affect anyone young or old, male or female.

Another aspect of answering the question “why is there ringing in my ears” is that while it can affect anyone, it commonly affects those who are 65 years and older and is generally due to hearing loss from normal aging.
It is also important to remember that another of the causes of tinnitus is drugs. There are currently more than 200 drugs that are known to increase the risk of developing tinnitus as a side effect even when tinnitus is not listed as a side effect on the packaging. This includes various medications commonly available over the counter such as aspirin and pain medications that contain ibuprofen.

Using these in great quantities and for long periods of time can lead to tinnitus. But tinnitus resulting from these medications is usually temporary and goes away once the medication is out of your system.

Tinnitus is most commonly found in men, seniors, blue-collar workers as well as those with certain heart problems that causes blood circulation problems leading to pulsatile tinnitus.

Another important point to remember about tinnitus is that it is not considered a disease but rather a symptom of something that is wrong in your body including your auditory system. While most causes of tinnitus are unknown, chances are that the worse your hearing is the worse your tinnitus will be which is why it affects a lot of the elderly who experience hearing loss with tinnitus being one of the first signs of hearing loss.

Other aspects of finding an answer for “why is there ringing in my ear?” besides hearing loss or medications is that ear infections or other issues in the ear canal can increase the chances of developing tinnitus as well as something as simple as impacted earwax.

But generally, exposure to loud noises and hearing loss are the main culprits so be very careful when in noisy areas or using loud machines and always protect your ears with the help of ear plugs. Constant use of your mp3 player, iPod, playing music very loudly, noises from vacuum cleaners, blow dryers, etc, will affect your hearing over time so be careful now so you do not have to suffer later.

These are just a few points to help answer the question “why is there ringing in my ear.” It is also important to remember that holistic methods are the best way to get at whatever the root cause of tinnitus is which can be difficult to determine. With that in mind, discover how the Tinnitus Miracle holistic guide can help you not only “cure” tinnitus naturally but also prevent recurrence. Find out more about this step by step holistic guide here.