Top 5 Amazing Herbs And Supplements To Stop Tinnitus Naturally

how to stop tinnitus naturallyIf you are looking for ways on how to to stop tinnitus naturally, among the many natural method available there are certain herbs and supplements that may be able to help. Since each case of tinnitus is different, some may help some sufferers while other sufferers may not be helped but the only way to know whether you will benefit is to try them and give them enough time to work or be deemed ineffective.

Top 5 herbs and supplements for tinnitus

Ginkgo biloba

This fixture of traditional Chinese herbal medicine is probably the most popular herbal remedy to stop tinnitus naturally.

The reason that it is one of the most popular herbal remedies for tinnitus is that some research showed that it is able to improve circulation in the body which can be the cause of tinnitus in some people. If you are dealing with pulsatile tinnitus which can be caused by poor circulation, you may need to give ginkgo biloba a chance but obviously it may be ineffective in tinnitus that results from other causes whether known or unknown.

2. Zinc

Zinc while an important mineral and used for various purposes in the body is added here for two reasons. The first is that some studies have found that adding zinc while taking the herbal remedy ginkgo biloba produced even better results in some people than just using ginkgo alone.

Just 50 milligrams is about what you need to take in combination with ginkgo which you can get from food and supplements. If you eat foods that are a rich source of this mineral (oysters, beans, fish, etc), you may get all the zinc you need. For instance, three ounces of oysters alone contain 30 milligrams of zinc.

The second reason for recommending zinc is that one of the benefits of this mineral is that it can help treat and prevent ear infections. Ear infections can cause ringing in ears and once the infection is gone, tinnitus may disappear as well.

3. Horse chestnut

If you have poor blood circulation in your ears, it can cause hearing loss as well as tinnitus. Hearing loss is actually one of the reasons for the development of tinnitus (once you stop hearing external sounds, internal sounds may become more apparent.)

In a research study in Germany, those who took a treatment that contained horse-chestnut reported an improvement in hearing compared to those who took a treatment that did not contain this herb. With improved hearing, tinnitus may be eliminated or reduced significantly.

4. Melatonin

Some promising results have been shown from using melatonin for the treatment of tinnitus but this is not necessarily a cure for tinnitus. This hormone which is produced by the pineal gland in the brain in response to darkness, is recommended for those who struggle with sleep because of the constant ringing in their ear(s).

Tinnitus symptoms can be worsened by a lack of sleep and by helping improve sleep, the tinnitus sufferer may not be as bothered by tinnitus or notice it as much. Since it’s very inexpensive, you might as well give melatonin a try if tinnitus is interfering with you getting any or enough sleep.

While tinnitus can be challenging to deal with depending on the severity, the effects of it such as sleep deprivation can cause even more problems than the actual condition itself.

Using melatonin is definitely one of the ways to stop tinnitus naturally by focusing on one of the problems caused by tinnitus.

5. Pycnogenol

Pycnogenol is another way to stop tinnitus naturally. Pycnogenol is actually a trademarked product created from the pine bark of a tree which is known as Pinus pinaster.

This product can be recommended for tinnitus treatment because some studies showed that in addition to helping with many other diseases and conditions, it’s also able to improve circulation and as mentioned earlier, poor blood circulation in the body and the ears can lead to certain types of pulsatile tinnitus.

While using one or more of the above herbs and supplements to stop tinnitus naturally may work, they are not designed for all types of tinnitus. For help for tinnitus resulting from other known or unknown causes including the above, you should get your hands on the holistic Tinnitus Miracle guide which is designed to address all kinds of tinnitus. Find out more about this proven guide which uses natural methods only, here.

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