Top 4 Tinnitus Home Remedies

tennitus home remediesLiving with the ringing in your ears or other sounds produced by tinnitus can be a challenge. Some of these sounds can be ignored if they are not severe or persistent. Others can affect your concentration, sleep and can even lead to depression if severe. There are many treatment methods to consider as well as home remedies. Here are some of the top tinnitus home remedies that may work for you.

Tinnitus Home Remedies

1. Herbal Medicine

The use of herbal medication goes back thousands of years and continues to be used today even in this age of pharmaceuticals because of its effectiveness. Herbs are considered gentler on the body than drugs and surgery and when used in the proper manner, herbs are quite safe and effective.

The common tinnitus natural remedies using herbs include;

a. Ginkgo biloba which is a staple in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). While the causes of tinnitus remain mostly unknown, poor circulation is considered a risk factor especially with pulsatile tinnitus. Ginkgo biloba helps to treat tinnitus that results from circulation problems because it helps to increase circulation naturally. Improved circulation may help to decrease or eliminate the sounds of tinnitus.

While the research results on the effectiveness of this herb against the symptoms of tinnitus is still mixed, what do you have to lose by giving this herb a try? Even if it is not effective for your tinnitus, it will still help to improve circulation in your body which is always a good thing.

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b. Horse chestnut is also another herb that is usually recommended for tinnitus that results from hearing loss which is a common risk factor for the development of tinnitus. This herb helps to improve blood circulation in the ear. Poor blood circulation in the inner ears can lead to hearing loss which can lead to ringing in your ears.

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2. Essential Oils

Essential oils are a staple of aromatherapy which is the practice of using plants that are aromatic to treat many conditions and maintain or improve overall health and well-being. Essential oils are very potent fragrant plant oils that deliver the “essential” healing parts of these plants while leaving behind plant waxes, oils, etc that are not “essential” for healing.

Beneficial essential oils that have been effective for some tinnitus sufferers include but are not limited to cypress, juniper and lavender. These essential oils are usually applied through massage, vaporization, compression, inhalation, applied to bath water, etc.

Many essential oils are very potent and can burn or irritate the skin unless they are diluted with a carrier oil such as olive, grapeseed, apricot, coconut, almond, etc. This is something to remember when using essentials oils for massage. For more on essential oils, read Top Essential Oils For Tinnitus

3. Sound Masking

Sound masking devices or white noise generators are a popular way to quiet the sounds of tinnitus. The theory is that the “white noise” produced or the static will help make tinnitus sounds less noticeable. The sounds do not go away. They are just masked with these devices.

4. Diet for Tinnitus

Some tinnitus sufferers have reported positive results when they alter their diet. Tinnitus represents a problem deep in your body and one way to get at this is the holistic approach using disease and symptom fighting vitamins and minerals found in various foods especially fruits, vegetables, fish oil, grains, etc.

These are just a few of the top tinnitus home remedies that may work for you. Unlike conventional treatment methods for tinnitus that merely “mask” the symptoms of tinnitus but do not eliminate the noises, the holistic approach seeks to get to the root of this annoying and sometimes debilitating condition to cure and prevent this affliction.

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