Tips On How To Overcome Tinnitus Using Supplements

how to overcome tinnitusGetting to the root cause of tinnitus can be tricky since it is considered a symptom of a problem in the body and not a disease in and of itself even though sufferers may feel otherwise. Holistic approaches are often recommended for tinnitus treatment and supplements are part of this. In hopes of quieting the sounds of tinnitus, here are some tips on how to overcome tinnitus using supplements.

Treating Tinnitus

Many methods can be used to try to get to the root cause some of which may work and others which may be ineffective simply because so much of this affliction is still such a mystery which is why holistic approaches may work better to get at the root of this ringing in the ears because they try to treat the body as a whole and not just the symptom.

How to Overcome Tinnitus Using Supplements

Some of the best supplements that are usually recommended for tinnitus natural treatment include the following;

1. B Vitamins

When recommendations are made on how to treat tinnitus with vitamins, B vitamins are usually recommended especially vitamin B12. Some studies have shown a link between B vitamin deficiency and tinnitus so you may want to try supplementing with B vitamins for 3 to 6 months to see whether it helps.

Supplementing with B vitamins such as thiamine can help to stabilize the nervous system which may have a positive effect on the nerves in the inner ear.

The B vitamin niacin can help to improve the circulation in the inner ear which may help to quiet the sounds of tinnitus.

Lastly, a B12 deficiency has been noted in people who developed hearing loss related tinnitus after being exposed to loud noises. Vitamin B12 can help to stabilize neural activity which can help to overcome tinnitus.

2. Zinc

This mineral is one of the most commonly recommended ways on how to overcome tinnitus with supplements especially for those who developed tinnitus due to age as well as hearing loss.

You can take zinc supplements and/or eat more zinc containing foods such as raw oysters, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, pecans, crab, etc.

Zinc can also help with age related loss of taste and can also be combined with another herb that is commonly recommended for tinnitus which is Ginkgo Biloba in order to improve this herb’s effects on tinnitus.

3. Coenzyme Q10

This is a natural occurring mineral which is beneficial for the body as it helps to boost energy in all the body’s cells including those in the heart muscle which helps to not only prevent heart attack and stroke but by helping to indirectly increase blood flow, it can help overcome certain types of tinnitus.

4. Magnesium

Another of the tips on how to overcome tinnitus with supplements is with the mineral magnesium which may be beneficial for certain types of tinnitus. Magnesium relaxes the arteries and can help to normalize blood pressure including the blood flow in the ears.

These are just a few tips on how to overcome tinnitus using supplements. For a more complete guide on supplementation for tinnitus treatment including dosage as well as other holistic methods to defeat tinnitus naturally, the Tinnitus Miracle guide may be very beneficial. Find out more about this bestselling holistic guide which may help you beat tinnitus in as little as 7 days by clicking here.


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