The Top 13 Causes Of Tinnitus

causes of tinittusWhile you may be able to discover the causes of tinnitus, you are being plagued by, finding effective treatment may be another issue since this is not really considered a disease. The noises in your ear (or ears) may be caused by various factors including the common ones listed below.

Causes of Tinnitus

1. Impacted earwax

This may be the easiest problem to solve by having your doctor remove the earwax or even doing it yourself using various earwax removal kits available over the counter or using various earwax removal home remedies. Once the earwax is removed, the tinnitus may go away.

2. Ear infection

Ear infection may cause this problem and ear infection can be easily treated at your doctor’s office or at home using over the counter treatments or various home remedies for the natural treatment for ear infection. Ear infection tinnitus may go away once you cure the ear infection.

3. Medications

There are a lot of medications that can cause tinnitus if used excessively. One of the common culprits is aspirin that a lot of people take without considering how many they are taking in a day.

While aspirin is a common culprit for drug induced tinnitus, other drugs such as arthritis medication, drugs containing ibuprofen, Chloroquine, Quinine, etc, are also common culprits.

4. Loud noises

Loud noises if listened to long enough have the potential to damage our ears and lead to hearing loss which can increase the chances of developing tinnitus. Noises from lawn mowers, planes, motorcycles, blenders, vacuum cleaners, listening to loud music through headphones, earphones, etc, can increase the risk of developing tinnitus.

5. Head injury

What causes ringing in ears can also be attributed to head injury or neck injuries that affect hearing, nerves, the inner ear or even brain function.

6. Blood vessel disorder

This is usually one of the causes of pulsatile tinnitus.

7. Tumors

Tumors in the neck or head can be some of the causes of tinnitus when the tumor presses against the blood vessels in the ears.

8. Hearing loss

In older people, hearing may start to worsen and having hearing loss is one of the common factors at the root of tinnitus. Hearing loss can also result from damage to ears caused by loud noises discussed previously.

9. Ear bone

If you experience any changes in the middle ear bones such as stiffening, your hearing may be affected leading to tinnitus.

10. TMJ and tinnitus

Temperomandibularjoint (TMJ) that is found on each side of the head and are responsible for being able to open and close your mouth as well as move your mouth sideways. A disorder (TMJ syndrome or TMJ disorder) can cause tinnitus.

11. Tinnitus and blood pressure

Another of the ringing in ears causes is high blood pressure.

12. Tinnitus and stress

Stress increases your risk of developing various diseases and conditions including tinnitus.

13. Meniere’s disease

This is a disorder of the inner ear that results from abnormal fluid pressure in the inner ear. This condition can increase the risk of developing tinnitus.

There are many other causes of tinnitus that those listed above.

Because conventional methods usually have no permanent solutions for this conditions even when your find the cause, unless you have an ear infection or impacted earwax, it is important to look into alternative therapies such as this to find permanent freedom from tinnitus.