Stop Ear Ringing Naturally With Hypnotherapy

stop ear ringing naturallyRinging in ears is known as tinnitus and there are also other sounds associated with this affliction besides ringing such as hissing, clicking, roaring, whooshing, etc. These sounds can get very annoying especially when you are the only one who hears them which is the most common occurrence. There are many ways to treat of “mask” these sounds of tinnitus and many of them will take trial and error since this affliction is still not fully understood. One alternative treatment method is to use hypnotherapy. This article discusses whether you can stop ear ringing naturally with hypnotherapy.

People may scoff at you considering hypnotherapy thinking you are partaking in some form of Juju. Well you are the one suffering with this condition so the naysayers can keep their thoughts to themselves. It is not a conventional treatment method and when you cannot find relief with conventional treatment methods many of which merely mask tinnitus and do not cure tinnitus, you may have to look elsewhere.

Why Hypnotherapy?

Many in the medical field especially psychiatrists and psychologists are turning towards hypnotherapy to get to the mind of the patient as it is beginning to be understood that many issues and problems in the body can be controlled by the mind. Hypnotherapy is used to retrain the body to heal a condition whether physical or psychological. If nothing else, the mind can be trained to be positive and less stressed and with less stress, many diseases and conditions can go away since stress can weaken the immune system and open the body up to various health issues including tinnitus.

Hypnotherapy and Tinnitus

If you want to stop ear ringing naturally with hypnotherapy, research has shown that hypnotherapy can work well for tinnitus relief. Tinnitus is not really considered a disease in the medical field. It is considered a symptom of an issue in your body that can be next to impossible to determine and then cure.

Many of the noises of tinnitus are not considered noises at all but are considered phantom noises unless of course you suffer from the less common pulsatile tinnitus. These phantom noises do not usually have a physical source.

Hypnotherapy works by retraining the mind to allow the tinnitus sufferer to stop hearing these phantom noises. This retraining of the mind through hypnotherapy has been very effective for many sufferers in helping to quiet the noises of tinnitus. A few sessions of hypnotherapy is usually all it would take. Relief is usually in the form of the noises going away completely or the volume being greatly reduced to the point of being ignored and no longer impacting the sufferer.

What is a Hypnosis Session for Tinnitus Like?

Forget what you see on TV or at the movies. In a hypnotherapy session, the therapist will place the client in a completely relaxed state using various methods. Once this relaxed state is achieved, the therapist may use various treatment methods such as regression therapy, suggestive therapy, ego state therapy, etc. You will usually need more than one session to get the relief you seek.

Being in this totally relaxed state required in hypnotherapy helps to enhance self-awareness and self-consciousness which increases concentration which is known as the alpha state. Once the alpha state is achieved, the client is able to get to the memory and retrain the brain to interrupt or break the loop of sound that leads to the noises associated with tinnitus.

The brain is a very powerful machine and its total ability is not fully understood. It would not be wise to underestimate the power of the brain. It is said that humans only use a minute capability of the brain. The brain is able to process or block various stimuli that it receives on a daily basis. The brain then prioritizes things in order to let us get on with our daily lives good or bad.

Retraining the brain with conscious effort especially that achieved during hypnotherapy can help to control the various sounds of tinnitus.

In addition, since one of the risk factors of the development of tinnitus is stress, hypnotherapy can contribute to relaxation and help to eliminate chronic stress in the patient. Relieving chronic stress can help to provide relief from the sounds of tinnitus as ringing in ears, clicking, hissing sounds, etc, can be intensified during moments of stress, especially prolonged, chronic stress.

You may find that hypnotherapy may work for you to stop ear ringing naturally. But it is important to remember that the tinnitus sounds are a symptom of a bigger issue. To completely cure this condition, you will need to dig deeper and unfortunately conventional treatment methods do not provide solutions for this deeper unknown problem. Holistic methods can help to get to this deeper level and cure tinnitus at the root. For more on effective holistic methods, click here to discover how to cure tinnitus for good!


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