Simple Technique On How To Treat Tinnitus At Home

how to treat tinnitus at home
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Treating tinnitus can sometimes be more of an experiment to see whether a treatment method will work for you or not. This is because the causes of the ringing in the ears can in most cases be very difficult to determine and you may have to try one possible treatment method after another before you find what works. There is one simple technique on how to treat tinnitus at home that you can use the next time that the various sounds of tinnitus bother you. What is this technique?

Skull Drumming Technique

This technique on how to treat tinnitus at home using simple methods has brought some relief to some tinnitus sufferers and it may do the same for you. Do remember that as with many recommended treatment methods whether conventional or holistic, what may work for someone may not necessarily work for you and vice versa.

If a method does not work for you, it simply means that you have to try something else until your find what works to silence the sounds of tinnitus or at least make you less aware of the sounds. Dealing with tinnitus can be a challenge and has driven many people to destruction as it can lead to many emotional or psychological issues especially when the noises are loud with no respite.

The next time the sounds start to bother you, use this technique and you may be one of the sufferers who experiences instant relief after completing this technique.

  1. Start by placing your palms over your ears with the fingers of each hand pointed toward each other at the back of the head. Make sure that your fingers rest gently at the back of the head.
  2. The middle fingers should be pointed toward each other slightly above the base of your skull.
  3. Follow this by placing your index fingers on top of your middle fingers.
  4. With a snapping motion of the index fingers, flip your index fingers off the middle fingers and back onto the skull. This should make a loud drumming noise.
  5. Continue to do this drumming (index fingers on top of the middle fingers and snapped back to the skull) for repetitions of 40 to 50. You should be able to do this easily and fast.

Relief from this drumming method as mentioned previously may be immediate or you may have to complete the repetitions in their entirety and also perform this technique several times a day in order to obtain relief from the sounds of tinnitus.

This method is certainly one simple technique that you can try on how to treat tinnitus at home which may help to quiet the sounds.

Holistic methods for treatment try to get at the root cause of the condition. They attempt to treat the body as a whole and not just the symptom. Tinnitus is believed to be a symptom of something that is wrong in the body and that is what holistic methods try to get at which is something conventional treatments are unable to do.

Holistic methods are also popular because they can be performed at home and are cost effective.

While this drumming method is one of the best methods on how to treat tinnitus at home as it can help, but a more complete step by step holistic system to get at the root of the problem which many conventional treatment methods fail to do, may be necessary.

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