Should You Be Using Reflexology For Tinnitus Natural Treatment?

reflexology tinnitusBeing as there is currently no cure for tinnitus mainly because so much of it is still a mystery, no commonly suggested treatment method is guaranteed to work. But instead of feeling down about this, it should motivate you to try any and everything and as long as you do not give up, you may find something that lessens or even eliminates the annoying sounds that are interfering with your quality of life. Massage therapy is one popular treatment method with using reflexology for tinnitus treatment being a top massage technique.

What is reflexology?

Reflexology is a popular massage technique that has been around for thousands of years and is also known as foot massage and it involves applying firm (but painless) pressure to certain points on the body with many practitioners focusing on the feet. Hand reflexology is also common. If you have tinnitus, certain reflex points on the ear can also be massaged.

Those who practice this massage technique believe that certain areas of the feet, hands or ears correspond to specific organs and systems in the body and whatever the issue is in the body, there is a point on the foot, hand or ear that when pressed can send impulses through the nerve endings to the corresponding body parts. The right foot, hand, ear corresponds to the right side of the body and the reverse for the left side of your body.

Reflexology for tinnitus

The reason that many tinnitus sufferers consider using reflexology for tinnitus is because many have been able to obtain relief after a few sessions of reflexology and even though it is not guaranteed to work for you, what do you have to lose? If it doesn’t work, simply move on to another recommended method.

Reflexology is usually recommended if the source of your tinnitus is due to excessive candida (yeast) which can cause all sorts of health issues in the body such as yeast infections but it may also lead to the build-up of pressure in the ears, ear infections, ear pain, fluid build-up in the ear, etc, all of which can lead to ringing in ears.

Using reflexology to fight tinnitus caused by candidiasis is thought to work because of the improved blood flow from this massage technique. The pressure which is applied to certain areas of the feet or ears can help to increase and improve the blood circulation to the affected areas.

Improved blood circulation means better and more oxygen as well as white blood cells being driven to these areas which will help fight the excessive candida that is causing all kinds of problems in the body including tinnitus and bring their numbers down to the normal levels commonly found in the body.

Reflexology can also help to reduce the stress, anxiety, depression and other negative emotions that can result from dealing with tinnitus day in and day out. The good feelings produced by the massage can also help to promote healing throughout your body.

When using reflexology for tinnitus, you can use either foot reflexology or ear reflexology or both. You can even alternate by doing foot reflexology one day and ear reflexology the next day or however you wish. This can be done at home or you can seek out a reflexologist to administer the treatment.

The feet and ears have a multitude of nerve endings. The nerve ending in the feet that correspond to areas of the ears can be found between the 3rd and 4th toes. This is where the toe reflex is located. Simply grab the webbing in this area and squeeze firmly (as much as is tolerable) for about 3 seconds. Release and repeat for about one to two minutes. Do the same thing on the other foot

For using ear reflexology for tinnitus, you can find the ear reflex on each ear lobe. Beginning with the right earlobe, start to stroke the right side of the right ear lobe from top to bottom for about 3 seconds and repeat the same on the left side of the left ear lobe. Do this for one to two minutes.

Whether using reflexology for tinnitus works for you or not, it is important to try any and everything and not give up hope. For more on the most effective natural remedies for tinnitus as well as step-by step guidance on using these natural remedies, you should get your hands on the Tinnitus Miracle holistic guide. Find out more about this proven guide here.


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