Relief For Tinnitus Using Kudzu Root

relief for tinnitusRelief for tinnitus can come in the form of various herbal remedies that may be recommended for tinnitus such as kudzu root which is native to parts of Japan and China. While this vine is considered a pest (and may be sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals so consider your source) in some parts of the world including the U.S., it has been used for centuries in Asia as a food, to feed animals as well as a natural remedy for various conditions such as hangover, vertigo and tinnitus.

Health benefits of kudzu (pueraria montana)

This vine is from the same family as beans, peas and alfalfa and is also known as miracle vine, kuzu, the vine that ate the South, gat gun, foot-a-night vine, etc, and it is mainly the root matter that is used for natural healing although the flowers may also be used.

Kudzu is commonly recommended for the natural treatment of;

  1. Menopause due to the two powerful phytoestrogens that it contains which can help relieve menopause symptoms without the potential side effects that come with hormone replacement therapy.
  2. Angina which is a type of heart disease can be controlled with kudu.
  3. High cholesterol levels can be reduced by the use of this herb and it was shown to be just as effective as a common pharmaceutical drug used to lower high cholesterol levels without the expense or potential side effects as the latter.
  4. Some Chinese research studies showed that one of the powerful estrogens contained in kudzu known as puerarin, may be able to improve blood flow through the brain and can help with recovery from stroke.
  5. Through its traditional use as a hangover remedy, it has been tested to see whether it can help fight alcoholism and there are some promising results from a few studies but more research is necessary.
  6. Some studies have also shown that it may be able to lower blood sugar levels making it is an interesting possibility for the treatment of diabetes.

Kudzu and tinnitus

Relief for tinnitus using kudzu is not supported by any scientific research but this herb has been a common remedy given to tinnitus sufferers in Asia as mentioned previously. The reasons that it may help tinnitus may possibly be traced to its use for improving blood flow to the brain in stroke patients.

Some types of tinnitus are caused by poor blood circulation and improving blood flow can help to eliminate this type of tinnitus but definitely not other types of tinnitus caused by other issues.

You have nothing to lose if you are looking for natural relief for tinnitus by trying out this herb. It might help you or it might not and the only way to know is to give it a try.

Using kudzu for tinnitus

There isn’t any standard dosage for using kudzu for natural treatment but some human trials unrelated to tinnitus used between 50 and 136 milligrams a day.

Safety concerns

While herbal remedies such as kudzu are generally safe, this herb may cause some issues in some people.

This herb contains powerful phytoestrogens which are similar to the estrogen produced in the body but are slightly less potent. This can be an issue for some men especially if they have low testosterone levels which can be further decreased by these phytoestrogens. If it has been recommended that you avoid foods and other products that contain phytoestrogens such as soy, you may want to avoid kudzu if you are a man.

Some people may develop an allergic reaction to this herb. If this occurs, reduce dosage or stop taking this herb.

Talk to your doctor if you are on any other medications as kudzu can interfere with the work of certain medications.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers or children should not use this herb.

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