Is Using Black Cohosh For Tinnitus Effective?

black cohosh for tinnitusThe use of various herbs for treating tinnitus is quite popular. While using black cohosh for tinnitus is not as commonly discussed as say using Ginkgo biloba for tinnitus, it’s still a common recommendation for the reasons we shall look into in this article.

Black cohosh is also known as snakeroot, cimicifuga as well as squawroot. The properties of this herb that are used for natural healing are the roots and rhizomes (these are the part of the stems that are underground).

Natural treatment using black cohosh

Before we get into whether using black cohosh for tinnitus natural treatment is effective, here’s a run down of what other health issues black cohosh is commonly used for. Native Americans commonly used black cohosh for a variety of health issues including but not limited to treating inflammatory issues as well as arthritis pain and rheumatism.

But it is its estrogenic properties which are commonly lauded which is why black cohosh is a common recommendation for various female issues such as;

  • PMS (premenstrual syndrome) can be reduced with the help of this herb.
  • Menstrual cramps can be relieved by black cohosh.
  • Menopausal issues such as hot flashes can be made less severe using black cohosh. Since menopausal women have less estrogen produced by their body, using black cohosh due of its phystoestrogens (estrogen from plants) can help replace some of this estrogen. Estrogen whether from the body or a plant source can help relieve hot flashes.
  • The above is also a reason why black cohosh is an effective natural alternative to hormone therapy that many menopausal women use when their ovaries gradually stop producing estrogen.
  • The risk of breast cancer can also be reduced by black cohosh. Breast cancer risk is increased by the presence of estrogen. Since phytoestrogens are generally weaker than the estrogen produced by the body, they can help reduce the risk of breast cancer posed by the chemically stronger estrogen produced by the body by bonding to estrogen receptors in the body which enables excess amounts of this estrogen that is produced by the body to be eliminated from the body which reduces the risk of breast cancer.
  • Black cohosh can also be used to help reduce high blood pressure but make sure that you talk to your doctor first before using this to manage blood pressure levels especially if you are on other blood pressure medication.

Black cohosh for tinnitus

One of the reasons that using black cohosh for tinnitus may work has been mentioned above. While there are many underlying causes for tinnitus (known and unknown), poor blood circulation can be a cause and black cohosh can help manage blood pressure levels naturally which can help to reduce or eliminate the noises you are hearing in your ears if poor circulation is the root of your tinnitus.

Another of the reasons that black cohosh may work is that another of the underlying causes for tinnitus may be low serotonin levels in the body. Some studies have found that black cohosh may be able to normalize serotonin levels in the brain.

Using black cohosh for tinnitus

This herb is available in capsules or tincture or decoction (tea made from root matter). Black cohosh has a sharp, bitter taste as well as an unpleasant aroma but you can add lemon or honey to help improve the taste.

  • To make a bitter tea (decoction), add two teaspoons of the dried roots into about a pint of water. Take about 1 tablespoon every few hours but make sure not to take more than a cup in total per day.
  • For a tincture (extract) take about 20 to 30 drops mixed in water twice a day.
  • For commercial preparations, simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging.
  • Black cohosh also works best when combined with Ginkgo biloba.

Black cohosh side effects

  • Make sure that the preparation which you use states that it’s black cohosh and not blue cohosh which should not be used by most women.
  • While black cohosh can be used in combination with other herbs, make sure those other herbs you use do not increase the risk of liver damage.
  • Talk to your doctor first before using black cohosh if you are on other medications as this herb could interfere with the action of other medications.
  • Pregnant or nursing mothers should avoid using this herb as well as women who have been told by their doctor not to take birth control pills.
  • Allergic reactions have been reported in some people and if this occurs, stop using this herb or reduce the dose.
  • Use low doses if over the age of 65.
  • If you are on hormone therapy, talk to your doctor first before using black cohosh.
  • If you’re a man avoiding all products that contain estrogenic properties such as soy, black cohosh is not for you.
  • Other black cohosh side effects include headaches, upset stomach and in a few cases dizziness. If you develop any of these issues, reduce your dose or stop using the herb.

This is just a bit of info on using black cohosh for tinnitus natural treatment. Obviously it will not work in all cases of tinnitus because the causes of tinnitus vary from one sufferer to another.

For other natural methods you may want to give a try if black cohosh is ineffective for you, get your hands on the Tinnitus Miracle guide which gives natural solutions for tinnitus resulting from various causes and not the very few that black cohosh may be able to help with. For more on this proven holistic guide, click here.


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