How To Make Tinnitus Go Away With Sound Therapy

how to make tinnitus go awayMost conventional methods of treating tinnitus involve simply making the patient less aware of tinnitus. They do not seek to cure tinnitus since there isn’t a treatment method that is able to do this at the moment. By making the patient less aware of the sounds of tinnitus, they can go about their daily lives without being significantly impacted by tinnitus. Sound therapy is one way to do this. Here is how to make tinnitus go away with sound therapy.

Sound therapy for tinnitus

The primary goal that your doctor has for dealing with tinnitus is tinnitus management and not curing tinnitus. When he or she uses sound therapy as a treatment method on how to make tinnitus go away, it is usually with the help of sound maskers.

Sound maskers or masking devices represent gadgets that can be worn behind or in your ear just like a hearing aid. They can also be standalone machines. While sufferers with hearing problems will be recommended hearing aids that also function as sound maskers, those suffering from tinnitus without hearing loss will often use a masking device instead.

A masking device is beneficial for tinnitus sufferers because it produces “white noise” which represents background noise that is more tolerable than that produced by tinnitus. This white noise masks the sounds of tinnitus so that you are less aware of the ringing, roaring, hissing, clicking, humming, etc, which is going on in your ears.

The most basic form of a masking device is an FM radio that is tuned so that you get static and not a signal. There are also more sophisticated white noise generators and masking devices that can actually be tuned to a sufferer’s tinnitus noise frequency.

These white noise devices are one of the best ways on how to make tinnitus go away especially at night when many people with tinnitus report having trouble sleeping. When the sound masker is turned on, it can help to mask the various sounds of tinnitus which can enable sufferers not only be able to sleep but to sleep better.

While a masking device has been beneficial for many tinnitus patients, other patients have actually reported a worsening of the symptoms of tinnitus which is par for the course for any treatment for tinnitus – what will work for some may not work for you and vice versa. The only way to know whether this will work for you or not, is to try it for yourself.

Disadvantages of sound maskers

While sound maskers are certainly an important part of how to make tinnitus go away, they do come with disadvantages such as;

  • White noise machines can be very expensive.
  • Once the masking device is removed or turned off, tinnitus will usually return but depending on how high tech the device is, you may not become aware of the sounds for a few minutes or a few hours (known as residual inhibition).
  • Some may require professional fitting.
  • They do not cure the problem.

Sounds maskers are definitely an area to look into on how to make tinnitus go away although tinnitus will not technically go away. You will just not notice it as much with this white noise in the background.

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