How To Deal With Tinnitus Using Mistletoe

how to deal with tinnitusMistletoe is not just to be used to kiss your honey underneath at Christmas but may also be one of the top ways on how to deal with tinnitus naturally. Dealing with tinnitus can be a never ending struggle and if severe, tinnitus can affect your life in so many ways and prevent you from leading a full and vibrant life. Thankfully, there are various herbs including mistletoe that can help to lessen the intensity of tinnitus so that you can go about your life unbothered by tinnitus.

Mistletoe for healing

The leaves, young twigs and fruits (berries) are the parts commonly used for natural healing. It is also known as viscum, lignum crucis and herbe de la croix, the last two which mean wood of the cross in Latin and French respectively, as it was believed to have been used to make the cross that Jesus was crucified upon.

The use of mistletoe for healing goes back thousands of years. Hippocrates used it to treat disorders of the spleen. The Druids used it in their fertility rituals. Some early French medical text recommended mistletoe for the treatment of epilepsy. Chinese physicians used it as a laxative, sedative, uterine relaxant during pregnancy, etc. And so on and so forth throughout history.

Modern uses of this herb

The active ingredients in mistletoe have the ability to stimulate uterine contractions, slow down the pulse, stimulate gastrointestinal contractions, etc. Many studies in Europe (German and Swiss scientists) discovered that a drug made from mistletoe (Iscador) is able to boost the immune system.

The various actions of mistletoe on the immune system signify that it can help boost the activity of several immune cells such as the T-cells, macrophages and natural killer cells. It is also able to increase the production of cytokines which represent the proteins that help to regulate the immune function.

European studies also noted that an injection of Iscador can help prevent the development of various cancers by boosting the immune system to fight against the development of these various cancers, to slow tumor growth and sometimes to eliminate the tumors.

How to deal with tinnitus

The reason that mistletoe is one of the best natural methods on how to deal with tinnitus is generally due to its action on blood pressure. Some types of tinnitus (not all) result from problems with blood pressure. High blood pressure (also known as hypertension) can be dangerous if it is left untreated.

Many with high blood pressure are at risk of developing tinnitus and the sounds heard once you develop tinnitus due to high blood pressure is an annoying pulsating sound that is in tune to the beat of your heart. This is one of the few types of tinnitus (pulsatile tinnitus) that may be heard by another person besides the patient through the application of certain hearing devices to the ear and neck.

Mistletoe interestingly contains properties that can both raise and lower blood pressure but the most compounds found in this herb lower blood pressure. This is why in European countries such as Germany, mistletoe is a common ingredient in many medications prescribed to lower blood pressure.

As a method on how to deal with tinnitus, only use mistletoe after talking to your doctor first because high blood pressure is a very serious health condition. Once blood pressure levels are lowered, this can result in tinnitus being eliminated as well.

Using mistletoe for tinnitus

Using mistletoe for tinnitus can help regulate blood pressure and circulation which can allow more oxygen and nutrients to reach the ear to prevent problems in this area including tinnitus.

To achieve this, make a tea using three teaspoons of mistletoe in about three cups of water. Let it steep overnight and strain the following morning. Add a bit of honey if you prefer and drink this at least three times a day. Make a fresh batch each night for use the following day.

Another method to lower blood pressure is to make a tea featuring equal parts mistletoe, lemon balm and hawthorn. Let this steep for up to 10 minutes, strain and drink one cup in the morning and another cup at night.

Safety precautions

Mistletoe is definitely an indirect way on how to deal with tinnitus by targeting the cause if it relates to blood pressure/blood circulation. Mistletoe is generally safe but since it can stimulate uterine contractions, it should be avoided by pregnant women as it could induce labor. Nursing mothers should also avoid mistletoe.

Avoid mistletoe if you have heart disease or if there is a history of stroke because this herb can slow the heart rate. Use a low dosage in elderly people and do not give this to children under 2.

While this is a possible method on how to deal with tinnitus naturally, it can only be used with people with blood pressure related tinnitus. For everyone else, this herb is of no use.

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