How To Cure Tinnitus The Natural Way Using Homeopathy

how to cure tinnitus the natural waySince the root cause of tinnitus usually remains a mystery in most cases, the holistic approach is the best way to solve this mystery since this approach emphasizes treating the body as a whole and not just the symptoms which in this case is the ringing in the ear(s) or other sounds produced by tinnitus. Homeopathy is one such approach. With that in mind, here is some information on how to cure tinnitus the natural way using homeopathy.

What is homeopathy?

This was developed by a German physician and uses diluted substances known as remedies to treat various conditions. While there are many homeopathic remedies for tinnitus, you may want to speak to a qualified homeopath first to find one that is right for you.

These diluted remedies feature ingredients that are made from plant, mineral or animal sources. These remedies are created so that the “vital force” or “healing force” which homeopaths believe is present in the body, can be stimulated. This force is said to help maintain the health of the body or heal the body of any disease or symptom that is standing in the way of a healthy body making this approach an important avenue to consider on how to cure tinnitus the natural way.

Any sickness or disease in homeopathy is said to be a sign that the body is trying to restore itself to a balanced position and is not considered unhealthy. Homeopathic remedies then try to push the body’s defenses so that the body’s ability to heal is stimulated.

Homeopathic remedies are prepared according to the law of “similars” i.e. the substances used to create the remedy in order to help the body defend itself are those which would produce symptoms similar to an illness in large quantities. But these substances used to make the remedies are diluted to the extent that it may be impossible to detect even with the most sensitive test what the original substance used in the remedy was.

This is one of the reasons that many doctors are on the fence about whether homeopathy is able to treat any condition because there is no theory or mechanism that they can use in order to explain why homeopathy should work and as a consumer or patient, there is no way to determine whether what you are purchasing is what the remedy says it is. But because the substances used are so diluted, a patient can trust that they will not be harmed in any way once they take the remedy.

If you are interested in how to cure tinnitus the natural way using homeopathy, it is important to know that it is preferable that the remedy you use is tailored to your specific needs.

It may be best to meet with an experienced practitioner personally so that he or she can create a remedy specific to your personality. There are more than 15 personalities in homeopathy that you can fit into and based upon the information that the homeopath will gather from you, a remedy is then created. Information gathered includes your temperament, your hobbies, your looks, what you’re afraid of, what foods and drinks you like, etc.

This is usually an in-depth interview that seeks to understand your symptoms in addition to your other psychological and mental factors. Many of the questions may seem unrelated to what you are going through so you will have to trust the process.

The remedy you will then receive for the natural treatment of tinnitus should be taken as directed by the practitioner.

While the best results may be produced when you work with a trained practitioner, the following remedies have been useful in treating tinnitus:

  1. Nat salicylicum is helpful for tinnitus resulting from Meniere’s disease.
  2. Carbo veg works best if tinnitus develops after an illness.
  3. Coffea cruda is most effective for tinnitus that produces buzzing in the back of head as well as insomnia.
  4. Graphites is best for tinnitus that results from deafness among other reasons.
  5. Salicylicum acidum works best if your tinnitus is evidenced by loud roaring and may present with vertigo or deafness. This remedy also works best when tinnitus is the result of certain medication usage such as aspirin.
  6. Kali carb is best if tinnitus produces roaring noises as well as itchy ears and a queasy stomach.
  7. and so on and so forth.

For a ready made homeopathic remedy you may want to try, click here.

Homeopathic treatment for tinnitus using food

Diet can also be used in homeopathy in order to stimulate the body’s self-healing process. Like many other ways on how to cure tinnitus the natural way, you will be informed what foods to avoid as well as which foods to consume to stimulate the body’s self healing mechanism.

The food that is recommended in homeopathy is used in order to reduce the level of acidity in the body as this therapy including many other Eastern practices, believe that tinnitus and other health issues in the body result from a body that is too acidic.

Caution when using homeopathy

If you are on prescription medications, you should talk to your doctor first as homeopathy may not be effective if you take various other medications while using a homeopathic remedy.

This is just a bit of information about how to cure tinnitus the natural way using homeopathy. For a complete step by step guide on the most effective natural methods to eliminate tinnitus and prevent it from returning, click here.

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