Can You Get Rid Of Tinnitus With Surgery?

can you get rid of tinnitusDepending on the severity of tinnitus, it can lead to psychological problems such as depression, despair, anxiety, frustration, irritation, annoyance, insecurity, fear, and so on and so forth in addition to other problems such as being unable to concentrate on work tasks, difficulty sleeping, difficulty understanding speech, etc. Tinnitus can affect your life a great deal which is why most people aim to eliminate it by any means necessary. Can you get rid of tinnitus with surgery?

What is tinnitus?

These are various noises (ringing, buzzing, hissing, whistling, roaring, etc) that can be heard in one ear or both ears. They can be soft noises or very loud noises. The sounds of tinnitus can be intermittent or constant. It all varies from one person to another and while one sufferer may be able to ignore the noises to the point that they do not affect his or her quality of life, for another, ignoring the noises can be impossible which can lead to many of the issues discussed previously.

Tinnitus is not considered a medical condition but rather a symptom of a problem in the body. Most cases of tinnitus are subjective meaning that these “phantom noises” are only heard by the person with this affliction.

A few cases of tinnitus are objective meaning that they can be heard by someone else, usually a doctor using some sort of hearing device applied to the head.

Most causes of tinnitus are unknown but in some cases, which makes it easier to treat, tinnitus could be due to impacted earwax, ear infection, circulatory problems, medications, tmj, etc. The most common cause of tinnitus is hearing loss whether due to the aging process or exposure to very loud noise. There may also be other causes that may be difficult to determine.

Ways to get rid of tinnitus

In some cases tinnitus may be able to be treated successfully especially if dealing with impacted earwax, ear infection or circulatory issues. In many other cases, finding treatment that will eliminate tinnitus can be challenging and in many cases, the treatment does not necessarily eliminate the noises but rather only seeks to desensitize you to the sounds of tinnitus so that you are less aware of the noises and can go about your daily life with no issues.

Can you get rid of tinnitus with surgery?

Surgery is not usually recommended to get rid of tinnitus but there are some cases when surgery can help. These cases usually relate to tinnitus that can be traced to a physical source. Subjective tinnitus which is more common cannot usually be treated surgically because the causes may not be known. Tinnitus that can be treated surgical usually results from;

  • Abnormal blood flow in the middle ear and other abnormalities with blood vessels in the ear which may be treated surgically
  • Abnormal new growth behind the eardrum
  • Spontaneous muscle twitching in the middle ear
  • Nerve tumors
  • Etc

In some cases, those with severe cases of tinnitus may choose to get rid of their hearing in the ear that is affected by tinnitus and the doctor may do this by cutting the hearing nerve which then causes total loss of hearing. However this procedure may not get rid of tinnitus because hearing loss is one of the main causes of tinnitus, so this surgical procedure may end up being a total waste of time and money (and hearing).

So can you get rid of tinnitus with surgery? The answer is yes but with reservations and it depends on the type and cause of the tinnitus. Surgery should always be the last resort however. There are many natural methods that can give you the relief you need. To find out more on how you can get rid of tinnitus permanently using natural methods only, click here for a step by step holistic guide on just how to do this.