Can Saw Palmetto Cause Tinnitus?

saw palmetto and tinnitusCan saw palmetto cause tinnitus? The use of various herbs for natural healing is very popular not only because they can be effective but also because they are generally inexpensive and come with few to no side effects.

But can some herbs such as saw palmetto cause problems? Well anything even herbs which are generally considered safe can cause problems in some people. What can work for one can cause problems in another. While some tinnitus sufferers have claimed that they benefited from using saw palmetto, other people declared the opposite.

Saw palmetto is a small palm tree which is native to certain areas of the North America and the West Indies and it’s the fruits (berries) of this tree which are used for natural healing. It’s from the family known as Palmae which also includes various other palms as well. Other names for it include American dwarf palm as well as sabal.

The healing properties of saw palmetto (serenoa reopens) were discovered by Native Americans who noted saw palmetto’s diuretic properties (water retention prevention) and started using it for various urinary tract issues. White settlers then adopted this herb and started using it to treat coughs and bronchitis.

Some people even claim that saw palmetto can enlarge breasts naturally although research does not support its effectiveness for this purpose.

can saw palmetto cause tinnitus

But what saw palmetto is commonly recommended for nowadays is to treat male pattern baldness although medical research only supports its use for treating benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) due to the fatty acids that this herb contains. Saw palmetto is widely accepted as a natural treatment for BPH as it can help to reduce the size of the prostate gland and as well as treating any related symptoms.

Can saw palmetto cause tinnitus?

Common side effects of taking this herb include being allergic to it, developing a mild headache or upset stomach if you take a very large amount on an empty stomach, etc.

As far as tinnitus is considered, some people who were taking saw palmetto reported that they developed tinnitus but further studies on the likelihood of this herb causing tinnitus showed that it was unlikely to be the cause.

But since “what works in us” is different from one person to another, it’s quite possible that saw palmetto based on what’s going on in your body may lead to various side effects including tinnitus. Are you on other medications? If so, there could be negative herb/drug interactions that could be going on.

If you develop various side effects from taking saw palmetto, the side effects usually go away once the herb is eliminated from the system. So you can either stop taking this herb or reduce the dose and see whether you are still experiencing the same issue.