Can Ear Candling Provide Relief For Tinnitus?

relief for tinnitusDue to the fact that there is currently no cure for tinnitus, many people are willing to try any and everything in hopes that something will provide relief for tinnitus because it can be quite challenging to deal with these annoying sounds on a daily basis. The constant sounds can cause many problems including psychological problems, problems working, sleeping, interacting socially, etc, which is why many people turn to many treatments such as ear candling that have unsubstantiated claims after trying everything else.

What is ear candling?

Ear candling which is also known as ear coning uses a candle-like instrument which is hollow which after lighting it, is inserted into the ear. While it may sound wacky (and dangerous) to many people, many people who have used this alternative practice claim that it not only provides relief for tinnitus but they claim that it is also good for relieving sinus congestion, itchy ears,  headaches, swimmers’ ear, allergies, infections, etc.

The hollow candle, tube or cone that is used is commonly made from beeswax and paper but there are other variations that are made from materials such as hemp or cotton and then sprayed with honey and various herbs.

When it is lit and inserted into the ear, it creates a vacuum that is believed to be able to pull out excess earwax as well as disease causing impurities such as candida (yeast), pollen, microbes, mold, etc.

Impacted earwax can actually be one of the causes of tinnitus and once it is removed, relief for tinnitus is obtained (and you will be able to hear better too!). Ear infection is also another cause of tinnitus but there can be other unknown causes of tinnitus so even if ear candling is effective, it will not be effective in all cases of tinnitus.

Each of these candles are then burned for 10 minutes or so per ear and thereafter can be followed by a relaxing massage to the neck, ears, face, and scalp. This step in the process is done to ensure that the person undergoing this alternative treatment is completely relaxed so ear candling or ear coning has the maximum positive impact on them.

Should you use ear candling to obtain relief for tinnitus?

This is definitely something to decide for yourself because there is no support on whether this is effective and any positive claims are usually anecdotal and it is considered to be dangerous in many cases. Also, if impacted earwax is the issue or some ear infection, there are many other natural methods to treat this effectively without using a lit candle.

Whether ear candling actually draws out earwax, candida, mold, pollen, etc, is still up for debate and there is a lot of doubt. Several studies performed on the residue left inside the ear candle or cone only found that it was simply candle wax and soot and nothing else.

While there are many dangers to using ear candling for tinnitus or to treat any other ear issue, one of the most common dangers is burning of the ear canal caused by the hot wax.

Your ear canal is too important to risk burning it with this method but of course whether you use this method or not to obtain relief from tinnitus is up to you and there are certainly ways to ensure safety when using this method.

But before you light up this candle in hopes of finding relief for tinnitus, you may want to consider some of the other effective natural methods for tinnitus relief that can be found in the proven holistic guide Tinnitus Miracle which may not be as dangerous as this method. Find out more about this bestselling guide here.


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